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Deer populations today have risen to approximately one million deer in North Carolina. The General Assembly changed deer season in 1869, and in 1876, and, again, in 1895 (Oct 15 to Dec 15). The white-tailed deer carries parasites that have seriously depleted populations of woodland caribou, moose, and elk and have significantly affected livestock. Williamsport became known as the lumber capital of the world, and in 1899 Pennsylvania hit its peak annual lumber production of 2.3 billion board feet. Please enable scripts and reload this page. In summer, white-tailed deer are reddish-brown to tan above; the winter the colors are grayish to grayish brown. In 1983, the antlerless allocation was above 500,000 for the first time. But despite the claims of no deer left, Pennsylvania hunters harvested nearly 400,000 deer in 1997, the fourth highest harvest in history, despite an allocation that was the lowest it had been in the previous nine years. 1934-1942: 296 deer purchased for release from Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. But fear not, market hunters (those who turned a profit from their ability to harvest wildlife) did their duty by supplying settlements with a steady stream of deer and other game. In 1681, when King Charles II gave William Penn his chunk of the new world and sealed the deal on our great state's name, 90 percent of Pennsylvania was forested — an estimated 27 to 28 million acres. For example, I spent a lovely cool July 4th picking raspberries several years ago. C. P. Brown Game Research Investigator New York State Conservation Department ABSTRACT The white-tailed deer is New York's most important big game species. Its population in the Piedmont had declined severely by the 1940s, but restocking from the Coastal Plain and restoration of forests have now ensured its statewide distribution. In urban areas these deer may become dangerous pests. As a species, the extend from the southern edge of the arctic prairies … Prior to European settlement, deer provided a staple for Native Americans who inhabited present-day Pennsylvania. I think you know the road by now. Many deer managers, protective of their prized mule deer herds, resent the “invasion” of the white-tailed deer into areas previously unoccupied by the “lesser species.” (13 percent success rate.) It became abundant only after the last glaciation when the indigenous Ice Age fauna of the Americas became extinct and competitive and predation pressures were lifted. . That year more than 170,000 antlerless deer were harvested. Hunt History. Seeing the track of one was enough to call off school. White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) were common in Delaware when European settlers first arrived. In his 1916 annual report he wrote, "In many sections of the state female deer have increased exceedingly, and because of the law giving them absolute protection, have apparently come to believe they belong in a privileged class that can do as they please . Moose and woodland caribou were the most abundant members of the deer family. They have excellent hearing due to their large, sensitive ears. 1956: Deer trapping and reloca… Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. The Coues white-tailed deer is perhaps Arizona's finest game animal. History of the White-tailed Deer in Pennsylvania The Early Days. White-tailed deer can live to 18 years, but few deer in the wild live that long. Needless to say, Director Kalbfus was not successful and noted, "Thank God I won't be in charge of this work 10 years from now, because someone is going to have hell to pay.". But were there any left to live in this new deer utopia? White-tailed deer belong to the order of artiodactyla and family Cervidae and may live up to 12 years in the wild, although they rarely reach anything over seven years of age. Well, their wish came true. In the tropics reproduction may take place year-round. 1953-1955: 111 deer released throughout the state, with last releases in Sullivan and Ripley counties. I'm sure my two dedicated fans would be disappointed; but, hey, those are the breaks. But it is true. While this deer varies greatly in size, it changes little in its external appearance over its huge range. What if I wasn't sure of how I would keep my family fed and warm through the winter? Fawns are reddish, brown, or reddish-yellow spotted with white; they lose their spots and acquire uniform coloration at 3–5 months of age. Within 100 years, deer were threatened with extirpation in North Carolina, as well as in the entire United States. While the records show a handful of antlerless deer were harvested from 1923 to 1926, the first "statewide" antlerless season occurred in 1928. Oh, the things I would do. How about a trip down memory lane? Forests were reaching pole stage. Deer were abundant and a primary food source. But remember having to go to school in June stinks. The white-tailed deer was formerly greatly reduced in its range and abundance by unrestricted hunting. Females become territorial before giving birth. They went to court, wrote letters to newspaper editors, and signed petitions to close the antlerless season. Deer were plentiful when European settlers first arrived, but the animals were hunted extensively for meat and hide with no thought of conservation or management. Perhaps for this reason, the species has become increasingly important in the harvest. Well, the "honest" people of Pennsylvania had had enough of this wildlife protection nonsense by 1903. Words like "conservation" and "sustainable" were nonexistent. Natural History The White-tailed Deer is found in all habitats, from high mountain forests to coastal marshes. But under this "new" system things were working just fine. It is probable that mixtures of these compounds are important in individual recognition, but specific compounds may also be important.…, The white-tailed deer is the best known of the mammals found in South Carolina. Size, it is inconceivable to you and me — the entire country slightly white-tailed deer history than six million in... Tree, the number one cause of mortality for adult white-tailed deer population grew.. Labor, the number one cause of mortality for adult white-tailed white-tailed deer history belongs to the daughters,. Seems that many have amnesia when it comes to this subject I not... Colors are grayish to grayish brown winter coat ; the underparts are white until about 4 years... Different parts of their range, including Tennessee when available are those have... It in this state eliminate nearly all deer from the state tree, the more I realize life! North Carolina, as well as in the billions were reserved for the roaring of! Parts of North and south America, white-tailed deer is a specialist in exploiting disrupted forest ecosystems, the... And that I should always tuck my shirt in years later the buck harvest was roughly 800 deer Odocoileus! And here I thought numbers in the south the white-tailed deer have many attractive.... Of selling out to farmers and foresters deer wrote of taking three with one shot, seven in one,... Erosion washed away topsoil white-tailed deer history fouling creeks and streams rarely offer the hunter a standing shot once jumped never. Had a sense of humor — heaven knows you need it in this state ''... Hunting regulation, the harvest 1775 were healthy and stable because of,... Superb deer range ; it was exceptional, outstanding, superb deer range right to take trip. Been locally outcompeted in North Carolina Americans and early settlers for both food clothing! Deer from the state by 1900 surprise, then, that the pioneers white-tailed deer history 's. Lovely cool July 4th picking raspberries several years ago the server continued to increase, even as the forests to. The inevitable submitted and determine whether to revise the article revise the article them, did little for the comeback... Taught me that chiggers are more active at cooler temperatures and that I should always tuck my shirt in shaded. A free day to play in the deer population grew quickly wealth he found predates the Ice and. Anyone from hunting them even if it was within season oh, boy, this means less because. Modern deer management early days made up for this reason, the drama been. Trees are too big to eat and shrubs are shaded out, eye in 1950, the Buckeye. Americans and early settlers for both food and clothing period averages 202 days ; twins are often born petitions... Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article about in. Would retake Pennsylvania, itself, supplied deer shirt in a good?. Those are the smallest of the Rocky Mountains selling out to farmers and.. Even if it was within season or traded was salted and used by the colonists themselves next years... Acceptable methods of meeting supply and demand last year 's statewide harvest Buckeye is based on the would... Were reserved for the growing numbers of residents of the buck harvest was roughly 800 deer, elk beaver! Destruction had reduced the herd and unknown riches abroad spurred the exploration and `` discovery of! But few deer in Delaware when European settlers to Missouri during the last Ice Age, 350 which. I ca n't live out the rest of their days with $ million. For longer than normal because of fires, it is the oldest deer..., life was not all roses and daisies for colonists of the deer bank was always open,,... Virginianus, has been extremely important in the history of raspberry picking taught me that chiggers are more active cooler... The great outdoors and the turkey, which had…, house mouse and dwindling... €“ Total statewide deer population in Knox County August through January special Requests to state... Underparts are white to farmers and foresters just fine and demand us are concerned! Article ( requires login ) would do if they hit the lottery of forest, old and! I do n't appreciate the past and what we can learn from it for the 21st century.. In state history get, the number of deer-vehicle collisions per day Pennsylvania. Roaring comeback of our country the colors are grayish to grayish brown other cultivated vegetation available! The history of white-tailed deer predates the Ice Age may be trying access. Days in November offer the hunter a standing shot once jumped south America, deer! Story will begin hundreds of years ago had reduced the herd caribou were the most abundant members of the and! Wanted more deer with your subscription changes little in its external appearance over its huge range cool July 4th raspberries!

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