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The K3S is akin to a pair of hearing aids. If however the high-band transverter uses frequency multiplication of the 2- or 4-meter I.F., the total stability can be a multiple of what is described above, and it may or may not suffice for your application. Of course, you'll also have Elecraft's legendary customer support and free firmware upgrades via the internet. Your radio ... A portable hand microphone for use with the KX2 and KX3. A: Yes, in general, though it is important to distinguish between frequency-mixing transverters and frequency-multiplying transverters. 'volume':80, Also see the SLEEP settings description in the next item (below). DC power cable), KX3 Manuals, Schematics and Programmer's Reference, KX3 PACK, Kit - $50 Package Savings + Add'l $50 Autumn Special Discount, KX3 PACK, Assm. Truly amazing! To reduce the need for narrow input filtering, we used a high-intercept LNA (low-noise amp). L--Light Gray, Elecraft Logo T-Shirt With a whip antenna, you can even operate hand-held. You won't have to dig through menus to set the power level, adjust the keyer speed, or change filter settings. Uživo online omiljene radio stanice. 'codec':'mp3', Ham radio has opened the joy missed since Heathkit went out of business. Signals come out of nowhere and allow me to hear distant signals and the KPA-500 allows the DX to hear me. DC power cable) - Autumn Special $25 Discount, Right Angle Adapter W/ Male- Female Adapter, KXSER-a Additional RS232 communication cable with 9-pin connector, KXUSB-a Extra Cable - USB RS232 to 3.5mm Cable, Transmit Audio Cable (Incl. Fold out the rear tilt-feet for use on a desktop or picnic table. Our new KPA1500 was designed with the serious operator in mind. This range is compatible with 170-Hz-shift RTTY but may not be compatible with some narrowband modes such as JT65 and WSPR. I have finally arrived at a wonderful configuration: K3S, P3, KPA500, and KAT500. 'width':190, When the signal is turned on, 5 volts (through a 4-kohm series resistor) is applied to the SMA jack. The revolutionary Elecraft KX3 puts the world in the palm of your hand! Memories can be grouped for scanning and manual channel-hopping. Whether you choose a kit or factory assembled product, you may purchase additional options at any time and install them yourself - just choose any options under the "Kit Options" section. (Frequency-multiplication transverters are pretty rare these days, and are typically limited to CW use only.). Specifications and Pricing subject to change without notice. Whether you're bagging a new peak on a SOTA outing, pounding out QSOs on Field Day, or working rare DX from the comfort of your home station, your KX3 will provide the features and performance you need. 'buffering':1, A: Yes. The KX3 provides excellent repeater support, including programmable offsets, PL tones, REVerse, and up to 100 general-purpose labeled memories. This can be used to control external devices such as a higher-band transverter, amplifier, or antenna switch. This is a bit higher than on the HF/6-m bands because we incorporated a high-dynamic-range, low-noise amplifier (LNA) in the front end. But because the module is so small, there's no room for a high-Q, tuned band-pass filter at the input; instead, we use low-loss low- and high-pass filters to preserve sensitivity. Ultra-Compact Home/Portable/Mobile Station. A: Yes. Sensitivity gradually falls off outside the associated ham bands. If you're off the grid, or just off the beaten path, stay in touch...with an Elecraft KX2. Fortunately, Elecraft is filing the space left. A: Some short-range emissions from the KX3-2M module maybe be unavoidable, depending on your station configuration. }); je web sajt namijenjen svim ljubiteljima radija, na kojem možete slušati preko 1500 Vaših omiljenih radio stanica. 'autoplay':true, I may not be the biggest customer that Elecraft has, but when I reach out for support I made to feel like I am the only customer Elecraft has. DC power cable) - Autumn Special $25 Discount, KXPA100 100 W External Amplifier-Assembled (incl. The KX3's tutorial-style manual explains how and why controls are used, so new Hams will be experts in no time. Add more punch to your signal with a Power Combo - KPA500, 500W Linear Amp and the KAT500 High Power ATU. There are also SLEEP settings that apply in FM mode (when the receiver is squelched) that can reduce average current drain by up to 50%, depending on the SLEEP time selected by the user. AX1 in KX3 Shack-In-A-Pack photo is not included in the package. My preference is always low power and QRP and never do I exceed 100 watts. in the KX3PCKT Cable Kit), ACC2 IO Cable Module (Incl. MLight Gray, Make Waves T-Shirt Elecraft K3 category is a curation of 15 web resources on , Win4K3Suite Software for the Elecraft K-Line, ZL2IFB Elecraft K2 K3, K3 vs IC-781 vs TS-850. It may be possible to reduce specific emissions by relocating one antenna or adding filtering to power or control cables. Does a 3D presentation of the KX2 sound interesting? Computer control via supplied USB cable or optional RS-232 cables, Full remote-control command set works with most amateur radio software, One-click firmware upgrades via the web (with free PC software). The Elecraft KX3, K2, tuners, and linear amp kits capture the excitement of building and operating your own full-featured HF systems. Additionally, it ca... You’ve just crested the hill...the view is amazing. Designed by. Imagine the feeling you will get from your first QSO when you tell the other operator that you built it yourself! Wonderful, reliable products achieving excellent results. Love your products and have never experienced any problems with any of them. 'bgcolor':'#FFFFFF', Note: Keyer paddle and microphone may be purchased separately under Options/Accessories. This can be set up to generate an 0.5-second tone burst at the beginning of each transmission. If your high-band transverter uses a mixer (as most do), with the 2-/4-meter module's output used additively rather than with multiplication, then the total frequency stability will be a simple sum of the 2- or 4-meter module's and the transverter's. The KX3's unique form-factor allows you to operate from anywhere. Resources listed under Elecraft K3 category belongs to HF Transceivers main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. How about a KPA1500 and a K4 demo? Radio K3 Prnjavor Uživo Online. The performance of their products is only eclipsed by their service and support. (500/1500 Hz analog filters; effective IF b/w of 1000/3000 Hz), roofing filters automatically track DSP filter settings, Accessories (Speaker, Mics, Power Supply, Compact Cases, K-Pod), Shipping Box Sets (Item return for Servicing), KXAT3 Internal 20-W Automatic Antenna Tuner, KXBC3 Internal NiMH Charger / Real-Time Clock, KXAT3 20 Watt Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner, KXFL3 Roofing Dual Bandwidth Filter for SSB/CW/DATA, KXAT3 Internal, Wide-Range 20-W Automatic Antenna Tuner, KXPA100 100W External Amplifier (incl. The k3 radio has worked flawlessly in every other respect for 9 years. XXXL--Light Gray, Make Waves T-Shirt Copyright Notice ©1998-2020 Elecraft, Inc. Elecraft ® is a registered trademark of Elecraft, Inc. Time to stop, take a drink, and check out the bands. For extreme portability, you can add the internal wide-range ATU, 8-AA cell battery pack with NiMH charger, and adjustable KXPD3 keyer paddle. My Alpha 87As are now for sale. The Elecraft K3S sets the standard for compact, high-performance transceivers -- the ideal choice for DXpeditions, multi-transmitter contesting, Field Day, and home stations alike. Whether you use the AX1 as a ‘stealth’ field antenna, for pedestrian mobile, or as a versatile backup, it’ll be ready when you are. (less options), Custom high-contrast LCD with alphanumeric text display, Current drain as low as 150 mA in receive mode, High-performance 32-bit floating-point DSP, Built-in PSK/TTY decode/encode allows data mode operation without a PC; transmit in data modes using CW keyer paddle, Low-noise synthesizer with 1-Hz tuning resolution, Firmware updateable via provided application software, Quadrature down-sampling mixer compatible with PC-based SDR (software defined radio) applications, Dual watch over +/- 15 kHz range; uses applicable roofing filter. SLight Gray, Make Waves T-Shirt Easy-to-use PassBand Tuning (PBT) for shift/width/hicut/locut; Automatic and manual notch filtering; adjustable noise reduction and noise blanking; binaural audio effects for enhanced receive, Center-tuning indicator for CW and data modes, Built-in speaker; stereo jack for headphones/external speakers, Adjustable output, 0.1 to 10 W (8 W 12, 10 & 6 M), Rugged, SWR and temperature-protected final amplifier stage, Optional MH3 microphone with PTT and UP/DOWN functions, Optional attached keyer paddle with spacing adjustment, Switchable PA output impedance for efficient 5-W or 10-W use, Fast, silent, PIN-diode T-R switching - no relays, DSP RF speech processing for excellent 'punch', Built-in digital voice recorder (DVR) with two message buffers. We're adding a menu entry to control this. PREUZMITE BESPLATNO NAŠU ANDROID APLIKACIJU I SLUŠAJTE VAŠE OMILJENE RADIO STANICE NA VAŠEM TELEFONU! Na našem sajtu možete slušati omiljene radio stanice iz Slovenije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine, Srbije, Crne Gore, Makedonije i dijaspore, koje svoj program emituju putem interneta. XXL--Light Gray, Elecraft Logo T-Shirt Discover the thrill of building and really understanding your own radio equipment. Your gateway to tips, tricks, videos and more, geared to connecting you with Elecraft enthusiasts around the world!

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