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Even a culinary novice can whip together a soup as they are one of the easiest dishes to make. This recipe is for a flavour packed savoury muffin with the courgette doing a fantastic job of keeping the whole blend soft and moist. Tomato, Courgette, and Pepper Soup – Easy Recipe; Tomato, Courgette, and Pepper Soup – Easy Recipe. March 7, 2020 Written by Liz Flynn. These cheesey savoury bites are delicious with the lovely saltiness of the Feta and little pockets of roasted red pepper blending perfectly alongside the basil to deliver a tasty Mediterranean style treat. The Courgette and Pepper Bites recipe out of our category Pesto! EatSmarter has over 80,000 healthy & delicious recipes online. Sardines, courgettes and pepper; Sardines, courgettes and pepper. Pepper recipes. Dairy-free recipes; Nutrition: per serving Calories 624kcals Fat 40.6g (8.9g saturated) Protein 50g Carbohydrates 15.9g (3.6g sugar) Salt 1.6g. Easy; September 2005; Easy; September 2005; Serves 4; Ready in 45 minutes ; Healthy, colourful and summery, this sardine recipe makes a lovely light lunch. 11 Comments . Try them out!

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