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It is available in 1/4″ and 3/4″ thickness. Sapele takes a moulded edge very well, and the flat sawn cut is best used for moulding applications due to its consistent appearance. Quartersawn sapele veneer is very even in color and grain. Quartersawn Sapele… Sapele is a member of the mahogany family and like mahogany, this deciduous species grows quite large...up to 150 feet tall. Curly and mottled figure sapele … It is commonly … Please … Works fairly well with hand and machine tools, tends to tear interlocked grain in … Sapele heartwood is a medium to fairly dark reddish brown to purplish brown; sapwood whitish or pale yellow, distinct. Sapele is a fine exterior wood, although it is often painted in window and door applications because of its fine grain. Sapele wood for sale is an economically-important wood to the continent of Africa, and one that continues to grow in popularity in other industries beyond veneer mills, here in the US. Sapele hardwood Plywood in a flat cut with a domestic veneer core. Sapele is a very popular product for flooring, door and window manufacturing, siding, architectural paneling and millwork, interior and exterior trim, and S4S work, because it is weather resistant and highly stable. Sapele wood doors Premium Sapele … Limited amount in stock. Sapele has a dark red to medium reddish brown face.

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